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Keeping Sellafield safe and secure

On patrol

The safe and secure stewardship of the Sellafield site is our priority. It is the first of our three strategic themes – safe, secure site stewardship; demonstrable progress; and return on investment – and it is never compromised.
The following pages show a small selection of the site’s multiple layers of protection, designed to protect nuclear materials, our employees, our communities and the environment.

Emergency response

Covering an area of 2 square miles, Sellafield is home to nuclear facilities, office accommodation and all of the utilities and services you would expect of an industrial site the size of a small town.

The site has its own emergency services including a dedicated police force – the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, fire and rescue teams, rope rescue teams, paramedics and ambulance crews.

Sellafield's own emergency services

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The next generation of nuclear firefighters

In recent weeks, the government has challenged the value of some apprenticeships, questioning whether they give those undertaking them suitable skills and experience.

Sellafield Ltd apprentice schemes couldn’t be further from this, delivering a range of trailblazing schemes with government support and encouragement.

In one of our newest schemes, we have just recruited six new apprentice firefighters to join our specialist team. This is one of only four firefighting apprenticeships outside of local government.

Across many areas of the business, we realise it’s better to ‘grow our own’ and know that apprenticeships offer an ideal way of doing this.

We spoke to Connor Thurlow, one of the six new apprentices, to see why he had chosen this role, “I’m really enjoying the apprenticeship so far, in particular getting out and doing different types of training. As you might expect, the practical side – using different hydrants and pumps is the most enjoyable, but the Sellafield safety work we’ve done so far is also very important.”

I did public services at college, so I always knew that this kind of apprenticeship would interest me – and so far it has not disappointed.

Practical training

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